Losing a tooth does not just affect your appearance, but may have a significant impact on your oral health. Leaving the space empty, however, will definitely affect your jawbone’s health.

Fortunately, tooth implants are here to offer a solution that not only restores your radiant smile but also helps maintain the health of your jawbone and oral health in general.

How Does an Implant Affect the Jawbone?

There is an interesting connection between tooth implants and bone health, and below, we will be highlighting the benefits of having an implant.

1. Preserving Jawbone Density

A vital feature of dental implants is their capacity to maintain the density of the jawbone. Due to a lack of stimulation, the jawbone that supports a lost tooth may eventually begin to degrade. On the other hand, dental implants function as substitute tooth roots, giving the jawbone the required stimulation and assisting in preserving its strength and density.

2. Preventing Bone Resorption

The natural process of the body reabsorbing bone tissue that is no longer required is known as "bone resorption." Resorption of the jawbone can occur when teeth are lost, giving the face a sunken appearance. By stabilising the jawbone, lowering the likelihood of bone resorption, and maintaining facial shape, tooth implants assist stop this process.

Tooth Implants

3. Stimulating Bone Growth:

You may be surprised to learn that implants are essential for promoting bone formation. This is because implant placement requires the insertion of a titanium post into the mandible. Through a process known as osseointegration, this post gradually merges with the surrounding bone tissue. This melding strengthens the jawbone even more by encouraging the surrounding bone to grow and adjust, besides giving the implant stability.

4. Supporting Adjacent Teeth

Tooth loss can also have a cascading effect on the surrounding teeth. When a tooth is lost, the adjacent teeth can start to shift or tilt into the empty space, leading to alignment issues and potential bite problems. Tooth implants help prevent this by filling the gap and providing support to the adjacent teeth, thereby maintaining proper alignment and bite function.

5. Enhancing Overall Oral Health

Tooth implants enhance general oral health by maintaining the health of the jawbone, reducing bone resorption, and stabilising surrounding teeth. Ensuring long-term oral health and lowering the risk of more tooth loss are made possible by a robust jawbone supporting the existing teeth. Since dental implants provide a holistic solution to tooth loss that goes beyond simply restoring your smile, you shouldn't be alarmed by the significant influence they have on bone health.
At Smile Art Dental, we recognise just how important it is to preserve your general dental health as well as your smile. Our team is committed to giving you tailored therapy and modern alternatives, including dental implants, so you may have perfect oral health and a stunning, self-assured smile. Take advantage of the many benefits of dental implants for your bone structure, and allow Smile Art Dental to work with you to maintain and improve your oral health in general.

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