Advantages of Dental Implants

There is no need to prepare for adjacent healthy teeth that are needed with conventional crowns and bridgework.
• It looks great and feel and function like your natural teeth.
• It reduces reduce the need for denture adhesives. They are often used for holding loose dentures in place and reducing discomfort and insecurities for loose dentures.
• They offer a high success rate and a high level of satisfaction in place.

Choose Best Tooth Implants in North London for Permanent Beautiful Smile

It has become too popular due to high success and survival rates, provided they are well maintained by the users. It provides a fixed replacement solution to lose teeth with poor prognosis and those suffering from missing teeth. In many situations, there are sensible alternatives like removable dentures or invasive irreversible bridges. We provide the best quality tooth implants in North London at a reasonable cost for replacing the missing tooth permanently.
This treatment is used for replacing a single tooth or offering a complete repair of the entire teeth set, with the help of a fixed implant retained bridge or the implant retained denture. Often, multiple teeth need to be replaced by placed implants through careful planning, and it is not necessary to have the implant to replace the missing tooth. For those struggling with dentures that are wrongly placed, a few tooth implants are placed to improve the retention of the same. These implants transform the mouth and rebuild your lost confidence by offering improved function and aesthetics.

Why Choose SmileArt Dental?

Treatment is offered by the trained specialist in the restorative dentistry field. Specialists use Straumann and ASTRA TECH Implant System™, one of the World’s most popular documented systems, working for 20 years in clinical research to support the system. You can depend upon it for expert advice. The team of experts recommend treatments as per your needs.
The patients will be provided with a detailed written treatment strategy after the consultation that will show the advantages and disadvantages of different options available and also the costs. Then, they will discuss all aspects of dental implants to ensure you are completely happy before the treatment. You can contact the dentist and visit the clinic before the surgery or after the treatment to address any query.
Want to have the best alternative for your missing teeth? Go for tooth implants in North London from Smile Art Dental.

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